High School / Middle School Consulting

Private Boarding and Day School Placement

Ivy Talent’s team of education consultants provides personalized assistance to parents and students looking to apply to private boarding and day schools. We work with you to find appropriate schools that best fit the student, provide information on required standardized tests, and reduce the complexities of the international application and admissions process.

Homestay Placement

Ivy Talent provides homestay placement service to students who chose to attend day schools. The host families are located in safe neighborhoods near the students’ schools. We work to match students with the best family at each school. Ivy Talent’s staff visits, interviews, and approves each family to ensure they will provide a great home. All host families pass a background check and are given intercultural training.

Overseas Guidance Service

Many American private day or boarding schools require enrolled international students under the age of 18 to have a local guidance contact. Ivy Talent works with the school, student, and their family to meet with school advisors, provide an academic and course selection, and provide translation to / from English for the family if required.